Mountain Bike Trail Crew Volunteers_ICON

Trailhead (20mins) Discovering Oakland’s gateway to the Redwoods. Synopsis: A celebratory profile of a relatively unknown urban gem, this 20-minute film features Oakland’s largest wildland trail system that connects the heart of Oakland to redwood forests and over five hundred miles of trails that span the entire East Bay. Trail users, historians, creek restoration […]

MGI Promo


Medical Grade Innovations (3mins) Targeted for potential sales to local chicken manufacturing plants, this video showcases Medical Grade Innovation’s WellFocused System.  

The Tale of Big Bird


The Tale of Big Bird (5mins) A wooden friendship survives time and fire.   * This film is not yet public.  A link to view the film is available upon request.

Wandering Rabbi


 Wandering Rabbi (14mins) A young, traveling rabbi makes his way through the American South, struggling to breathe life back into dwindling rural Jewish congregations.     Synopsis:  Wandering Rabbi follows Rabbi Marshal Klaven, a 34 year old, itinerant rabbi, as he travels across the American South, visiting a circuit of small Jewish communities, leading Shabbat […]



Lockport (7mins) A meditation on post-industrial America through the eyes of a 91-year-old retired automotive worker who experienced the rise and fall of a small Rust Belt town. By Lauren DeFilippo and Henry Wiener TRAILER (1min): FULL MOVIE (7mins):  

Tiny Jackson


Tiny Jackson (3mins) Time lapse of iconic Jackson, MS intersections.

Cantor Center for Visual Arts


Cantor Center for the Visual Arts (2mins) film by Edwards Symes and Henry Wiener This video celebrates the fine art available on Stanford’s campus both inside and outside the Cantor Arts Center. It showcases the work of Andy Goldsworthy, Auguste Rodin, and Richard Serra as well as the Asian, American, and Contemporary Art housed within the […]



Pastime (7mins) The American Dream and the American Pastime through the eyes of a churro vendor at a minor league baseball game.    



Driven (7mins) 21 year old Stanford student Julia Landauer is driving to make it big in NASCAR. film by Alexandra Liveris and Henry Wiener    

Flage Sequestered


Flag Sequestered (15mins) A self-reflexive film about getting access to the only civil-war Confederate flag captured in California.    

Open Carry


Open Carry (4mins) California: More armed and less dangerous than you’d think.    

Digital Archive: A Process


Digital Archive: A Process (2mins) The Cantor Art Center is creating a digital photography archive of it’s entire collection… one piece at a time.  



One Man Re-Enactment of the Battle of Gettysburg (15mins) Justin Klein is both the Union and Confederate Armies.   Trailer (2 mins)