Wandering Rabbi

 Wandering Rabbi (14mins)

A young, traveling rabbi makes his way through the American South, struggling to breathe life back into dwindling rural Jewish congregations.



Synopsis:  Wandering Rabbi follows Rabbi Marshal Klaven, a 34 year old, itinerant rabbi, as he travels across the American South, visiting a circuit of small Jewish communities, leading Shabbat services, ministering at life cycle events, and providing guidance and advice to the members of these small communities. Rabbi Marshall faces imposing obstacles: congregations of swiftly aging and rapidly dwindling populations, atheistic sons and daughters, and an alarming rise in the number of old and beautiful synagogues closing their doors for good. Rabbi Marshal faces an uphill, if not impossible challenge to breathe life back into these congregations. Set against the alluring backdrop of the decaying Mississippi delta, the candid interactions between Rabbi Marshal and his congregations reveal an unheralded resilience of faith in the unlikeliest of places.




* This film is not yet public.  A link to view the film is available upon request.


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